Kal-Haven Heritage Trail Site List

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Site Number Site Name
1a. Building the Railroad
1b. Creating the Kal-Haven Trail
2a. A Place and Its People
2b. Kalamazoo Industry
3. Hopkins / Native Plants
4. Bridges
5. Glacial Landscapes
6. Alamo
7. Williams
8a. Mint Bed
8b. Mentha
9. Kendall
10. Pine Grove
11. Gobles
12. Bloomingdale
13. Berlamont
14. Columbia
15. Blueberries
16a. Inland Resorts
16b. Grand Junction
17. Snow Belt
18. Lacota
19a. Kibbie
19b. Trees
20. Fruit Belt
21. Bridges
22a. Nik-o-nog to South Haven
22b. South Haven Resort Town
22c. South Haven-Chicago Connection
23a. Building the Railroad
23b. Creating the Kal-Haven Trail