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Rating of Water Quality
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the water in your area?
Poor Okay Good Don't Know
1. For canoeing / kayaking / other boating
2. For eating locally caught fish
3. For swimming
4. For picnicking and family activities
5. For fish habitat
6. For scenic beauty
Your Water Resources
1. Of these activities, which is the most important to you?
For canoeing / kayaking / other boating
For eating locally caught fish
For swimming
For picnicking and family activities
For fish habitat
For scenic beauty
2. Do you know where the rain water goes when it runs off of your property?
3. If you answered 'Yes' above, where does your rain water drain to?
Your Opinions
Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the statements below.
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
1. The way that I care for my lawn and yard can influence water quality in local streams and lakes.
2. It is my personal responsibility to help protect water quality.
3. It is important to protect water quality even if it slows economic development.
4. My actions have an impact on water quality.
5. I would be willing to pay more to improve water quality (for example: though local taxes or fees)
6. I would be willing to change the way I care for my lawn and yard to improve water quality.
7. The quality of life in my community depends on good water quality in local streams, rivers and lakes.
Water Impairments
Below is a list of water pollutants and conditions that are generally present in water bodies to some extent. The pollutants and conditions become a problem when present in excessive amounts. In your opinion, how much of a problem are the following water impairments in your area?
Not a Problem Slight Problem Moderate Problem Severe Problem Don't Know
1. Sedimentation (dirt and soil) in the water
2. Phosphorus
3. Bacteria and viruses in the water (such as E.coli / coliform)
4. Trash or debris in the water
5. Oil and grease.
6. Flow Alteration
Sources of Water Pollution
The items listed below are sources of water quality pollution across the country. In your opinion, how much of a problem are the following sources in your area?
Not a Problem Slight Problem Moderate Problem Severe Problem Don't Know
1. Excessive use of lawn fertilizers and/or pesticides
2. Grass clippings and leaves entering storm drains
3. Improper disposal of used motor oil and/or antifreeze
4. Stormwater runoff from rooftops and/or parking lots
5. Street salt and sand
6. Waste material from pets
7. Littering/illegal dumping of trash
Consequences of Poor Water Quality
Poor water quality can lead to a variety of consequences for communities. In your opinion, how much of a problem are the following issues in your area?
Not a Problem Slight Problem Moderate Problem Severe Problem Don't Know
1. Polluted swimming areas
2. Contaminated fish
3. High drinking water treatment costs
4. Reduced beauty of lakes or streams
5. Excessive aquatic plants or algae
6. Lower property values
Practices to Improve Water Quality
Please indicate which statement most accurately describes your level of experience with each practice listed below.
Not relevant for my property Never heard of it Somewhat familiar with it Know how to use it; not using it Currently use it
1. Use a mulching lawn mower
2. Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the roads, ditches, and gutters
3. Follow pesticide application instructions for lawn and garden
4. Recycle automotive oil
5. Properly dispose of pet waste
6. Use rain barrels
Specific Constraints of Practices
Rain Garden : A garden that uses native plants to absorb and filter stormwater collected off a roof, parking lot, sidewalk, or driveway.
1. How familiar are you with this practice?
Not relevant
Never heard of it
Somewhat familiar with it
Know how to use it; not using it
Currently use it
2. If the practice is not relevant, please explain why.
3. Are you willing to try this practice?
Yes or already do
How much do the following factors limit your ability to implement this practice?
Not at all A little Some A lot Don't Know
4. Don't know how to do it
5. Time required
6. Cost
7. The features of my property make it difficult
8. Insufficient proof of water quality benefit
9. Desire to keep things the way they are
10. Physical or health limitations
11. Hard to use with my farming system
12. Lack of equipment
Making Decisions for my Property
In general, how much does each issue limit your ability to change your management practices?
Not at all A little Some A lot Don't Know
1. Personal out-of-pocket expense
2. My own physical abilities
3. Not having access to the equipment that I need
4. No one else I know is implementing the practice
5. Approval of my neighbors
6. Don't know where to get information and/or assistance about those practices
7. Concerns about resale value
8. Not being able to see a demonstration of the practice before I decide
9. The need to learn new skills or techniques
About You
1. Do you make the home and lawn care decisions in your household?
2. Do you own or rent your home?
3. Which of the following best describes where you live?
In a town, village, or city
In an isolated, rural, non-farm residence
Rural subdivision or development
On a farm
4. Do you use a professional lawn care service?
Yes, just for mowing
Yes, for mowing and fertilizing
Yes, just for fertilizing and pest control
Yes, for mowing, fertilizing, and pest control
5. Are you a gardener?
a gardener
a Master Gardener
a Master Rain Gardener
6. Where are you likely to seek information about landscape and lawn issues?
Internet search
Newspapers - magazines
Newsletters - brochures
Workshops - demonstrations
Lawn care company
Garden center - hardware store
Product label
Conversations with others
7. What is your zip code?
8. What is your age?
over 80
Information Sources
People get information about landscaping practices from a number of different sources. To what extent do you trust those listed below as a source of information about landscaping?
Not at all Slightly Moderately Very much Am not familiar
1. Neighbors - friends
2. Lawn care company
3. Local garden center
4. Environmental groups
5. Huron River Watershed Council
6. Michigan State University Extension
7. Local government {City or Township}
8. Washtenaw County Health department
9. Washtenaw County Water Resources
10. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
11. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Thank You
1. Please use the space below for any additional comments about this survey or water resources in your community.
2. If you would like to be entered in a drawing for one of ten $15 gift cards, please enter your address below. If your address is drawn, we will mail it to you.

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